Friday, November 25, 2011

Baby, Don't Go by Stephanie Bond

Review of Baby, Don’t Go by Stephanie Bond

Published: July 26, 2011

5 out of 5 smirks

Synopsis: “Southern town seeks single women. Though they're nothing but trouble...

The hardheaded Armstrong brothers are determined to rebuild their tornado-ravaged hometown in the Georgia mountains. They’ve got the means, they’ve got the manpower…what they need are women! So they place an ad in a Northern newspaper and wait for the ladies to arrive…

Eldest brother Marcus Armstrong considers the estrogen-influx an irritating distraction. He’s running a town, not a dating service!

Reporter Alicia Randall thinks the Armstrong brothers are running a scam and she intends to prove it—even if it means seducing oh-so-sexy Marcus in the process. Sizzling sex and a hot story? Win-win!

At least it is, until she falls for the guy. Will love trump betrayal when the truth comes out?”

Baby, Don’t Go by Stephanie Bond is a wonderful story about finding trust and love in the last place you ever thought you would find it. I have been waiting weeks to read this story capping out finally with the oldest Armstrong brother Marcus. Marcus is a character who is so surly and in charge that it’s hot and when he finally shows interest in a woman, readers will breathe a sigh. Alicia is a lot like Marcus himself, always working and taking care of others before taking care of herself. Once they meet they almost have an instant connection to one another because they recognize themselves in each other. Baby, Don’t Go by Stephanie Bond is a great story that will have readers laughing, crying, and rooting for an H.E.A. I give Baby, Don’t Go by Stephanie Bond 5 smirks because it is a must read and must own book with a lot of personality.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Just Deception by Adrienne Giordano

Review of A Just Deception by Adrienne Giordano

Published: September 5, 2011

5 out of 5 smirks

Synopsis: “The protector: Peter Jessup, former Navy SEAL, currently employed by Taylor Security. He likes being the hero-in charge and in control.

His client: Lawyer Isabelle DeRosa. The sexy brunette is the personification of Peter's fantasies. She's willing to get physical but nothing more serious.

The assignment: When Isabelle becomes the prime suspect in the murder of her cousin, Peter is there to protect her and help her find the real killer. Their investigation leads to a big-name charity that seems to draw cultlike followers. Isabelle manages to infiltrate the group and become close to their leader, leaving Peter both jealous and worried for her.

As their search leads to danger, Peter realizes he's falling in love with Isabelle. He wants all of her, but she's too used to guarding herself to let him in...”

A Just Deception by Adrienne Giordano is an addictive story about letting go of the past to make way for the future. I found myself unable to stop reading A Just Deception because the story takes unexpected twists and turns, I just know readers will be on the edge of their seats trying to figure out what happens. The main characters Izzy and Peter fit so right with each other, being both insane and all, I found it hard not to fall in love with them. Readers will laugh along with Izzy and brood along with Peter, they are just characters who demand to be noticed. I give A Just Deception by Adrienne Giordano 5 smirks because the story takes readers on a roller coaster ride, the characters are irresistible, and the ending is heartwarming.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Vampire For Christmas by Michele Hauf, Laurie London, Alexis Morgan & Caridad Pineiro

Review of A Vampire For Christmas by Michele Hauf, Laurie London, Alexis Morgan & Caridad Pineiro

Published: October 25, 2011

5 out of 5 smirks

Synopsis: “’Tis the season…for these darkly sexy tales.

All they want for Christmas is you…

It’s the time of year for twinkling lights on trees and kisses under the mistletoe. Yet the passing of another year means nothing to the stunning immortals who lurk in the shadows of the new-fallen snow.

And they don’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice.

Let four fanged lovers open your eyes to a passion you never dared to imagine. After all, there’s no place like home for the holidays—and these dazzling vampires can’t wait for an invitation.”

A Vampire For Christmas is a collection of short stories by Michele Hauf, Laurie London, Alexis Morgan & Caridad Pineiro and I can tell you that each one is amazing. What I love most about these short stories are the vampires all these authors have created and how intense and instant their connections are with the other main characters. It also helps that all the vampires in this book are gorgeous and hard to resist. I found myself changing all the things on my Christmas list to something like this: Eagan, Damien, Trace, any other hunky vampire available who is honorable and broods…a lot. I give A Vampire For Christmas by Michele Hauf, Laurie London, Alexis Morgan & Caridad Pineiro 5 smirks because the vampires draw readers in, the stories are fun and romantic, and all these authors created different worlds of vampires and supernatural’s that is creative and will linger in readers minds.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Second Guessing Fate by Claire Robyns

Review of Second Guessing Fate by Claire Robyns

Published: September 26, 2011

4 out of 5 smirks

Synopsis: “Gemma is on a collision course with heartbreak. At least, according to the fortune-teller her best friend drags her to see. Gemma doesn't believe a word of it, but when other predictions start to come true, she begins to suspect that gorgeous, gray-eyed Nick is the man foretold to break her heart before she can find her soul mate. Too bad she's never met a man she's wanted more, because now she has to get him to dump her before she falls too hard.

Nick has plans of his own. He's ready to settle down with Ms. Right, and everything points to the beautiful Gemma. He's determined to prove to her that he's the perfect boyfriend-even if she does seem to be trying her best to scare him off...”

Second Guessing Fate by Claire Robyns is a story about taking your life into your own hands and following your heart (not tarot cards). I just love the way Nick and Gemma have a very simple and easy banter to their relationship which works well on the simple level they both desire. I found myself laughing along with Nick and Gemma; being pulled in by their friends’ advice and ultimately falling in love with all the characters this story has to offer. I give Second Guessing Fate by Claire Robyns 4 smirks because the characters are extreme and instantly draw you in, the story is to the point, and readers will laugh throughout the ridiculousness of it all.