Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Goddess In The Middle by Stephanie Julian

Review of Goddess In The Middle by Stephanie Julian

Published: July 3, 2012

4 out of 5 smirks

Synopsis: "Amity, the Goddess of Health, works as a medical aesthetist, using her remaining goddess powers to help people heal their spirits. Her profession soon brings two masculine Etruscan werewolves, Remy and Rom, into her life. The two werewolves have been searching for a woman powerful enough to handle both of them, but they've never met a woman strong enough...until they meet Amity. Together they must use the power generated by their love to kill a vicious demon and keep him locked away forever, or risk losing everything."

Goddess In The Middle by Stephanie Julian is a supernatural story about possibilities. What I really love about this story is how Amity, Remy, and Rom all seem to heal one another and find what they have all really been looking for.  This story takes on a life of its own with surprising revelations and unique characters who will make you wonder if their story is next.  Goddess In The Middle is a sensual, erotic, adventurous, funny, enlightening story that will have readers begging for more.  I give Goddess In The Middle by Stephanie Julian 4 smirks because the characters are ones who will live in readers minds forever.

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