Thursday, August 11, 2011

No One to Trust by Julie Moffett

Review of No One to Trust by Julie Moffett

Published: June 13, 2011

5 out of 5 smirks

Synopsis: “SWFG: Single, White, Female, Geek.

That's me, Lexi Carmichael, a reformed hacker who was gainfully employed by the National Security Agency. But a series of extraordinary events led me to leave government life behind for a fresh start with a brand-new company and an incredibly sexy boss, Finn Shaughnessy. It may not be kosher to have the hots for your boss, but he seems to have the hots for me, too. If only things didn't get so complicated... Darren Greening, a genius researcher from Flow Technologies (our first client!) is missing, and his bosses think I'm involved. And they aren't the only ones-the man who nearly snapped my neck in the parking garage thinks so, too.

Now I'm caught in the middle of a complex and dangerous case. I'll have to use all my geek skills and a little help from my friends to solve the mystery of Darren's disappearance before Neck-Snapping-Man makes a return visit…”

I am so in love with this series already. No One to Trust by Julie Moffett is spectacularly funny, witty, adventurous, and sexy. I adore Lexi Carmichael! She is amazingly relatable and just reading about her one adventure has this geek girl looking forward to having an alternate identity. What I loved most about this story was the mystery behind it all. Readers will feel like they are unraveling the clues alongside Lexi which is a really great feeling. I also loved how we as readers get to see Lexi transform herself in order to start living in the real world. As readers I think we are more perceptive of all the guys in Lexi’s life and can see the unlimited possibilities, which is really exciting. I give No One to Trust by Julie Moffett 5 smirks because I just LOVE this book so much and cannot wait until the next book to come out!!


  1. Funny, witty and sexy = a very lethal combo. Love it.I just may have to look this one up.

  2. Sophie- It was just an all around perfect mix of everything! I think this book might be turned into a series..

  3. Thanks for the terrific review! Taylor, it actually is a series. The first book No One Lives Twice is the start of Lexi's adventures. I'm currently working on No Place Like Rome (tentative title), the third book in the series. Thanks again for giving me a smile today. :)