Friday, May 7, 2010

Dead In The Family by Charlaine Harris

Review of Dead In The Family by Charlaine Harris

Published: May 4, 2010

5 out 5 smirks

“After enduring torture and the loss of loved ones during the brief but deadly Faery War, Sookie Stackhouse is hurt and she's angry. Just about the only bright spot in her life is the love she thinks she feels for vampire Eric Northman. But he's under scrutiny by the new Vampire King because of their relationship. And as the political implications of the Shifters coming out are beginning to be felt, Sookie's connection to the Shreveport pack draws her into the debate. Worst of all, though the door to Faery has been closed, there are still some Fae on the human side-and one of them is angry at Sookie. Very, very angry...”

I love The Sookie Stackhouse Series books. For me, these books are an escape of reality and allow me to live in a different world where all my supernatural fantasies come to life. Not that I actually want to get beat up and throw around and in the hospital all the time, but all the other aspects of this world seem pretty awesome. I love that all The Sookie Stackhouse Series books have a title with the word “Dead” in them. It makes learning about the newest edition all that much more fun.

Dead In The Family was not at all what I would expect from Charlaine Harris. Most of the books that lead up to this book, are full of fighting, mystery, sex, and passion. In Dead In The Family we as readers get to experience Sookie in an extreme way and see how much she has changed since the first book (Dead Until Dark). Sookie after being tortured in the last book (Dead And Gone), in Dead In The Family comes to terms with what she has gone through along with how she has changed. It shows how traumatic her life has been seen Dead Until Dark and how ultimately because of the trials she has been through, Sookie herself is a little bit darker as a character.

In Dead And Gone we are left with a cliff hanger of whom Sookie will be with and/or go to for love. Whether it be Eric (due to the blood bond or not) or to Bill who was willing to die for her in order to protect her. I am personally not a Bill fan, but the story told in Dead In The Family made me mad at him for reasons I will not reveal (no spoilers). In this book we also get a glimpse of Sookie’s family that she has left which is basically next to nothing. There is her nephew, two fairies, and her brother. The one thing I will spoil about this book is, by the end we see Sookie get a stable connect with part of her family in the most touching way.

What I liked most about Dead In The Family is we get to see a combination of who Eric has become to Sookie. Eric, I feel has changed for the better while “loving” Sookie thus he himself has changed. Eric stays the same in most ways, but in the ways concerning Sookie he has a little bit of how he was in Dead To The World. It was refreshing and I am anxious for the next of The Sookie Stackhouse Series book to come out, which will probably be a year from now. If you have not read this series please go to the local bookstore and pick up all 10 books so far. They are priceless, at least in my opinion.


  1. I LOVE the Sookie books too!! While this was not my favorite book in the series, it was not the worst either (HATED Definetly Dead, not a Quinn fan)

    Shannan and I are going to see Charlaine in Dallas on May 15.

  2. Oh! You guys are so lucky getting to see Charlaine! Yea, I am not a Quinn fan either...

    And although this was not my fav. of the series, it did make a nice set up for the next book.