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Finding Perfect by Susan Mallery

Review of Finding Perfect by Susan Mallery

Published: August 31, 2010

5 out of 5 smirks

Synopsis: “When Pia O’Brian’s best friend dies, Pia expects to inherit her cherished cat. Instead, the woman leaves Pia three frozen embryos. With a disastrous track record in the romance department and the parenting skills of a hamster, Pia doesn’t think she’s meant for motherhood. But determined to do the right thing, Pia decides to become a single mother. Only to meet a gorgeous, sexy hunk the very same day.

A former foster-care kid now rich beyond his wildest dreams, Raoul Moreno runs a camp for needy children in Fool’s Gold, California. After his last relationship, Raoul thought he was done with women and commitment. Still, he can’t get sweet, sexy Pia out of his mind—and proposes a crazy plan. But can such an unconventional beginning really result in the perfect ending?”

Finding Perfect by Susan Mallery was a truly amazing story. I loved that this book is a part of a series but it, like the other books in this series, can stand on its own. Finding Perfect is about the untraditional paths that life takes us on and about finding out that your fantasy of perfect is something you should hold out for. Pia who has appeared in the first two books of this series is a truly loveable character whom in the previous books we were able to see not only who she is in the present, but who she was in her past.

Finding Perfect proves that people can change for the better and even if their heart had been broken before time can heal all wounds. The aspect that truly made me jump for joy about Finding Perfect was the fact Susan Mallery allowed her readers to see a character in this book from one of her other books she has written. I absolutely loved the fact Susan Mallery was able to give her readers a true painting of what Raoul did with his life after he appeared as a high school football star in the Sweet Spot. At first I missed the fact Raoul was from a different book, but then after so many looks into his past showed in Finding Perfect it was easy to put together.

I loved us as readers were able to see Raoul grown up and getting settles into his new life in Fools Gold. Pia and Raoul are so much alike that you wouldn’t think there would be chemistry between the two, but there was enough to light fireworks for an entire city. Pia is a character people just fall in love with because of how big her heart is and with Raoul she has this uncanny ability to ramble about anything and everything that is very endearing. Raoul having been through what he has, turned out to be an amazing character with a ton of charm and the ability to let people tell him like it is without getting upset. So far Pia and Raoul are my favorite couple in The Fools Gold Series. I really look forward to more books coming out in this series because it is a series that captures readers’ attention with the uniqueness of small town charisma.

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  1. What a wonderful review! Thank you! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed FINDING PERFECT. I really love Pia and Raoul, too. I'd like to hang out with them. :)