Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Summer Reading

This summer I had summer school classes, but that did not stop me from reading. And reading, and reading. So even though I was unable to do reviews for EVERY book I read this summer I thought I would put together a list of those books I did read and just give them whatever smirks they earned. I discovered a lot of new authors I have not read until this summer and decided to read multiple books by these multiple authors. That being said I have categorized the books I’ve read under the authors’ names shown below. I hope you all had an amazing book-filled summer!

Carly Phillips:

Love Me If You Dare-5 smirks

Simply Sensual- 4 smirks

Hot Stuff- 5 smirks

Hot Number- 5 smirks

Hot Item- 5 smirks

Hot Property- 4 smirks

Cross My Heart- 5 smirks

Simple Sinful- 5 smirks

Sealed With A Kiss- 5 smirks

Brazen- 5 smirks

The Bachelor- 5 smirks

The Playboy- 5 smirks

The Heartbreaker-5 smirks

Lucky Charm-4 smirks

For more information about Carly Phillips and more of her wonderful books please visit: 

Susan Mallery:

Sweet Talk- 5 smirks

Sweet Spot- 5 smirks

Sweet Trouble- 5 smirks

Tempting- 5 smirks

Under Her Skin- 5 smirks

Lip Service- 5 smirks

Straight From The Hip- 5 smirks

Hot On Her Heels- 5 smirks

Chasing Perfect- 5 smirks

Almost Perfect- 5 smirks

The Sparkling One- 5 smirks

The Sassy One- 5 smirks

For more information about Susan Mallery and more of her enticing books please visit:

Kristan Higgins:

Fools Rush In- 4 smirks

Just One Of The Guys- 5 smirks

Too Good To Be True- 5 smirks

Catch of the Day- 4 smirks

All I Ever Wanted- 5 smirks

The Next Best Thing- 5 smirks

For more information about Kristan Higgins and more of her heartfelt books please visit:

Susan Andersen:

Bending The Rules- 4 smirks

Coming Undone- 4 smirks

Just For Kicks- 4 smirks

For more information about Susan Andersen and more of her sizzling books please visit:

Victoria Dahl:

Talk Me Down-5 smirks

Start Me Up- 5 smirks

Crazy For Love- 5 smirks

Lead Me On- 5 smirks

For more information about Victoria Dahl and more of her addicting books please visit:

Gena Showalter:

Awaken Me Darkly-5 smirks

Enslave Me Sweetly- 5 smirks

The Pleasure Slave- 4 smirks

Catch A Mate- 5 smirks

Animal Instincts- 5 smirks

For more information about Gena Showalter and more of her thrilling books please visit:

Eve Silver:

Sins of the Heart- 5smirks

Sins of the Soul- 5 smirks

Sins of the Flesh-5 smirks

Demon’s Kiss- 5 smirks

For more information about Eve Silver and more of her enchanting books please visit:

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