Friday, September 3, 2010

White Heat by Brenda Novak

Review of White Heat by Brenda Novak

Published: July 27, 2010

5 out of 5 smirks

Synopsis: “A religious cult has moved into what was once a ghost town--Paradise, Arizona. And their actions are cause for concern. One woman who escaped from the compound was nearly stoned to death. Another has gone missing altogether.

Private security contractor Nate Ferrentino is given the assignment of infiltrating the group. It's a challenge he welcomes...until he learns that Rachel Jessop, one of his colleagues at Department 6, has been chosen to accompany him. Nate's attracted to Rachel but because of their history, he prefers to keep his distance.

Problem is, they have to pretend to be married. Only couples can participate in certain rituals, which Nate and Rachel need to do if they're going to pierce the veil of secrecy. But when they find proof that cult leader Ethan Wycliff is as twisted as they feared, they know they have to set aside their differences...or Ethan might take more lives. Maybe even theirs...”

White Heat by Brenda Novak is a fascinating story about seeking the truth and finding what you’ve always been missing. I gave White Heat by Brenda Novak 5 smirks because this story delivers the fear, honesty, betrayal, and sacrifice that comes with not only being an undercover cop but a person who has to seek something they fear they can never have. I wasn’t really sure I was going to enjoy reading White Heat so it was a real surprise that I could NOT STOP reading. I thought it was the perfect blend of accuracy, romance, action, drama, and justice.

Rachel and Nathan make this really tension filled partnership that is based on not being honest with each other about their feelings. I also found Rachel’s unwillingness to not be taken for a fool again a very real aspect of what a person might do having been in Rachel’s shoes. And Nathan is fictional crush worthy with his rugged good looks, sense of humor, and a charm that could melt snow. I also thought the different points of view Brenda Novak played in White Heat to be very helpful and descriptive in filling in the blanks of how the other characters thought.

White Heat by Brenda Novak is a book that will get your heart pumping and have you on the edge of your seat until the story is finished. Brenda Novak brings readers into her story by having the thrill and excitement of the unknown lurking about, making each reader completely invested in the outcome.

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