Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yours To Keep by Shannon Stacey

Review of Yours To Keep by Shannon Stacey
Published: June 6, 2011

5 out of 5 smirks

Synopsis: “Sean Kowalski no sooner leaves the army than he's recruited by Emma Shaw to be her fake fiancé. Emma needs to produce a husband-to-be for her grandmother's upcoming visit, and, though Sean doesn't like the deception, he could use the landscaping job Emma's offering while he decides what to do with his civilian life. And, despite his attraction to Emma, there's no chance he'll fall for a woman with deep roots in a town he's not planning to call home.

Emma's not interested in a real relationship either; not with a man whose idea of home is wherever he drops his duffel bag. No matter how amazing his "pretend" kisses are...”

I think this is by far my favorite book from this series so far by Shannon Stacey. Yours To Keep is absolutely a book readers should have on their bookshelves. I was blown away by how fast the story went by because I was so glued to my screen until it was done. I loved Sean and Emma, who are so alike and so different it was plain to see how well they fit together. This book made me laugh, cry, smirk, get angry, feel heart break, and so many other emotions. I LOVED the sticky notes Sean used, the way Emma was “bat-shit crazy” and the way these two characters came together was just so comical and romantic. I felt their chemistry and passion for one another as each page went by. I give Yours To Keep by Shannon Stacey 5 smirks because the characters are sooo loveable, the storyline is so witty and funny, and the ending is so adorably sweet and reassuring. I’m still waiting for my Kowalski.

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