Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In My Purse

In My Purse is alot like In My Trunk.  The difference between those two concepts here at A Snarky Space is where the books themselves come from. Library books usually go in my trunk because I am running errands around town and that is just where they end up. When a great friend lets me borrow a book or two or three (cough, cough, Katarinasmama), those books end up in my purse or a subtle nondescript bag. I take great care when I get a chance to borrow a book from a friend and try to keep an eye on it at all times until I get home. Hence safer than a trunk. :)

13 To Life by Shannon Delany is a book I borrowed from a friend (Katarinasmama), and I am very excited to read it and have been wanting to read it for the past 3 months. Thank you Katarinasmama for letting me borrow yet another book and for being apart of In My Purse.


  1. Katarinasmama is always good for the loan of a book or just to rehash a new blockbuster with while running errands. I can't wait to read 13 To Life myself, enjoy!

  2. I'm loving the In My Purse post!!

    Marye - Hi ya, AlphaGirl. Happy to see you on here!!