Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crazy for Love by Victoria Dahl

Review of Crazy for Love by Victoria Dahl

Published: July 1, 2010

5 out of 5 smirks

Synopsis: “Chloe Turner thought she was going to marry the perfect man-until her fiancé's plane crashed. And then she got the really bad news: he'd tried to fake his own death to avoid marrying her. Now America's most famous bridezilla (a tag she most definitely does not deserve), Chloe escapes to a remote island to avoid the paparazzi. And right next door is a man who just might be the cure for Chloe's heartache....

A magnet for wild, complicated women, Max Sullivan is relieved to have finally found someone "normal." Chloe is his girl-next-door fantasy come to life, and best of all, she gets him. With her, he can be himself, a treasure-hunting millionaire who desperately wants out of his sexy but reckless job. But when Chloe's notoriety catches up with them, will their torrid romance make it to the mainland?”

Crazy for Love by Victoria Dahl was a surprisingly great story. I was worried about finding commonalities between this romance story and other romance stories I have read in the past. But I really enjoyed Crazy for Love because it was so different from anything else I have ever read. I gave Crazy for Love by Victoria Dahl 5 smirks because I loved all the characters and the story itself so much it was hard not to get captivated by it.

Things I Loved About Crazy for Love by Victoria Dahl:

Chloe and all her baggage

Max and his narcotic, controlling tendencies

The fact that Chloe can see through Max’s intentions

Sharp, intelligent dialogue

Betrayal, determination, and desire

Mystery of why Chloe’s ex-fiancé faked his own death

Max and Chloe overcoming everything bad about their past’s in order to be together

Crazy for Love by Victoria Dahl was an incredibly addicting story about finding love and letting go of the past. Definitely worth adding to your book collection.

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