Friday, January 23, 2015

Fair Game by Patricia Briggs

Fair Game by Patricia Briggs
5 out of 5 smirks
Fair Game by Patricia Briggs is the third installment in her Alpha & Omega series that follows two spectacular characters, Charles and Anna.  In this installment, as readers we see how Charles and Anna's lives have evolved since the last book and especially their mate bond has drastically changed.  What I really enjoyed about Fair Game is how it is not just Charles and Anna's lives in their pack that we get to see, but rather a full glimpse of everything intertwined (fae, werewolves, witches, humans).  I love how the center of this storyline revolves around a serial killer who has been active for decades and it takes the input of the whole supernatural community as well as the un-supernatural community to solve the crime.
I think what will really draws readers into not only Fair Game, but the Alpha & Omega series in general is how relatable Charles and Anna are.  Both characters have this sincere vulnerability about them which is hard to turn away from and even harder not to relate to.  Half the time I'm reading I'm feeling all of Anna's feeling and want to seriously hit Charles over the head with something. I also think what is truly revealing and great about this series is Brother Wolf.  In this installment, we as readers get to hear a lot more from Brother Wolf himself and it changes the whole dynamic of the characters (how they interact with one another, how they speak to one another, how we as readers see the characters).  I give Fair Game by Patricia Briggs 5 smirks because of the unique storyline, the heartwarming clarity of Charles and Anna, the comic relief Brother Wolf brings, and for the different points of view of each character that will have readers demanding for more books of this series for years to come.

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