Sunday, January 18, 2015

Favorite Author Series Post: Victoria Dahl

Victoria Dahl, I wish I could write a song about you.  As an author she writes the books readers need to have to go back to.  The mouth-watering characters you have dreams you wish you could gush about with your co-workers, but don't want to seem like you are over sharing (and also, hello fictional characters).  Her storylines are always fresh, witty, and have a certain sass to each that draw readers to not only the stories themselves, but more often than not the towns where the stories take place. Victoria Dahl is one of my top authors because even after I am done reading one of her books, I have to re-read it and then a few months go by and I need the same book again.  The same can be said for all her books I have read and I have read almost all of them.   Her books are like Meth, without the unflattering spiders crawling under your skin sensation (oh stop! I have a minor in Substance Abuse Treatment, I don't do drugs).

While I can and very well could go on and on about how wonderful each and every one of her books are (and write reviews for them) there is another very important reason why this author is fantastic.  Victoria Dahl as a person is hilarious or the person behind her Twitter account is, I mean I'm assuming it's her and I truly believe it is her.   I admire someone who isn't just promoting all the time, but is genuinely real.  I also love that when you have something to say to her, she always acknowledges you and writes back (very rare and appreciated).  I know that if she ever reads this she will appreciate when I also say that she is a marketing genius!  I'm very thankful for that as I have gotten behind in my reading and can now successfully catch up with the Jackson Hole series for a very reasonable Kindle price.   I will leave you all with my "smirk" reveal below (which I forgot to do with my last post).  Enjoy!  And Victoria Dahl, if you ever read this, thank you for all the hot, witty, men who visit my dreams so often.

Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl - (Sexy Police Chief and Erotica Writer = HOT, HOT, HOT)- 5 smirks

Start Me Up by Victoria Dahl - (Such feeling, brings out real emotion)- 5 smirks

Lead Me On by Victoria Dahl - (Sparks fly off the pages)- 5 smirks

Good Girls Don't by Victoria Dahl - (So witty!!)-  5 smirks

Bad Boys Do by Victoria Dahl - (Oh Jamie! I would faint if there was a couch around. Storyline is such fun and excitement!) -5 smirks              

Real Men Will by Victoria Dahl - (Every page was another surprise and readers are in for a side of Eric they've never seen before.  And readers will cherish Beth!) - 5 smirks

Crazy for Love by Victoria Dahl (OMG! I FREAKING ADORE CHLOE!!! And MAX...*sigh* Just read, so worth it!)  - 5 smirks

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