Thursday, January 15, 2015

Favorite Author Series Post: Richelle Mead

As the New Year has already begun and I promised to be more active in blogging, I wanted to start off with a post about my favorite authors.  I have a trend, I lean more towards Romance novels/series books because the boys/guys are so much more reliable than anyone I am currently seeing.  Whether I will change genres in the future remains to be seen, but I love what I love.  I've decided because I have a handful of favorite authors that I may turn this post into "posts."

My first favorite author I would love to gush about is Richelle Mead.  First series I ever read by this amazing, wonderful author was The Vampire Academy and I was instantly addicted (and a little ticked off).  I mean I went to the bookstore, saw this book, picked it up, thinking I'm just going to see if I like it.  6 hours later I'm done and I have to drag my ass out of bed to the bookstore again and get the next two books because that was all that was out in the series at the time.  And let me just say, ending on the third book in any series of this author is NO GOOD!!!! Please if you do this, I caution you to take anti-depressants.  How great is it though, that an author can reach an audience and make them want to take an anti-depressant because they are so addicted to the storyline, characters that their hearts are ripped out of their chests and they are balling their eyes out?

Needless to say after I read my first Richelle Mead book, I bought every book listed on her author site.  Even to this day, if she has a new series I don't even bother reading what it's about because I know I'll love it. I know that sounds horrible, but I have such faith in her writing, characters, storyline, and draw it isn't even a question anymore.  If you are looking for characters with wit, who are fun, have complex psychological quirks, who are easy to fall in love with, who you can and will cry for and with I HIGHLY recommend Richelle Mead.  Any book.  Any series.  REMEMBER EVERY THIRD BOOK IN HER SERIES, HAVE TISSUES, WINE, CHOCOLATE, PUPPIES ON CALL.

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