Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Brighid’s Quest by P.C. Cast

Review of Brighid’s Quest by P.C. Cast

Published: March 2010

5 out of 5 smirks

Synopsis: “Fleeing her centaur clan's increasingly militant beliefs, Brighid Dhianna has begun to find peace and acceptance among the humans of Clan MacCallan. Still, she agrees to leave her newly formed friendships to guide her clan chieftain's grieving brother home. As she journeys, Brighid discovers that the long-dormant Shaman blood that runs so thickly in her veins will no longer be silenced. As seductive new powers begin to beckon, Brighid glimpses a future that is more impossible -- and more magical -- than any she could have dared to imagine.But when tragedy summons her back to the Centaur Plains, Brighid must make a decision that will affect not only her friendship with the humans, but the centaur herd and indeed the world. For the Great Goddess Epona has set her on a new path that demands everything she has to give.When the whole world is turning to her for help, healing the heart of a warrior doesn't sound so daunting.”

I was predetermined to not actually like this book. However, as you all know I am a fan of P.C. Cast and thought it was only fair to give this beautifully written story a try. The last month I would walk past this book in bookstores and would pick it up and read the back and put it back down. Finally I gave in and read it, and thankfully I did because I pleasantly surprised how this book overtook me. I’ve been noticing that Cast tends to write books based on Goddess and empowering women, which I can of dig especially since all of her characters seem to make me laugh when I least expect it.

Brighid is an amazingly loveable character who can’t help but root for. The whole time I was reading the book I felt apart of Brighid (which in my experience means the book is smirk worthy of at least 4 smirks) and I wanted her to help people and be snarky all at the same time in her own time. I guess there are really no magical words to describe the feelings this book left me with. I want to know more about Brighid and her hunky side man, Cu, and I just want to immerse myself in another story involving the two of them. It’s almost like being drawn to a light that only you can see, you can’t describe it even though you try. I’m actually quite nervous to read anymore of P.C. Cast’s other series novels for fear I will never be able to do my homework again. I think this author has a way of drawing in a crowd and though her books might only touch a few, the power cord to those few is very strong.

I want to gush about the story of the “quest” Brighid takes but I can’t formulate the words of the magical journey this heroine takes you on. I cried like 4 times while reading it, which is also another key factor for me to know a book is good. I gave Brighid’s Quest 5 smirks because this book really just over takes you and plummets you into an entirely different world filled with hope, imagination, love, and power. P.C. Cast’s world building in this book is amazing, when I finished reading I was like, “What? I’m back to reality, where I have to go to class and study? Shit…” Should you read this book? Simply put yes, especially if you like the fantasy lure of different worlds or just happen to be a fan of the author. Learn more about P.C. Cast and her other worlds by visiting: http://www.pccast.net/

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  1. I so did not like this book! Though I really did like Brighid...go figure. Thanks for letting us link back to your review!