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Stargazer by Claudia Gray

Review of Stargazer by Claudia Gray

Published: March 2009

5 out 5 smirks

Synopsis: Stargazer returns to Bianca's story a few months later. Both she and Lucas will stop at nothing to see each other again—even if it means living a life of secrets and lies. But even as Bianca finds herself torn between two worlds, she soon discovers they aren't the only ones keeping secrets. Will powerful forces within Evernight Academy keep her from deciding her own fate, or claim her forever?” (

Stargazer is the second book in the Evernight Series by Claudia Gray. I admitted to being pleasantly surprised and shaken up so much by Gray’s storyline that multiple times I screamed, “WTF?” Well what I can say about Stargazer is at least Claudia Gray is consistent on totally dropping you into a pit of snakes after happily frolicking with bunnies. I mean holy shit! I was getting into a comfortable groove with the storyline and then BAM! Bianca is frozen by a wraith and getting hunted. I mean clearly 5 smirks is being given because I cannot get a handle on this author. Which is what makes reading this series the best thing since The Hunger Games Trilogy.

I don’t want to say much about the Evernight Series in general because that would be giving too much away. The surprises that jerked me upright and threw me on the ground were so important to how the story is told that I would be upset if someone told me about it. I will say though in Stargazer we get to see more about the characters rather than just Bianca and Lucas. We get to fall in love with the different personalities the characters bring to the story as well as realize the important role the characters play in each other’s lives. I read this book in about 8 hours, it was so good I just couldn’t put it down or go to sleep without realizing what happened in the end. Of course, Stargazer isn’t the end and there is yet another book out there to be read and boy, did Stargazer leave you on one hell of a cliff hanger. Claudia Gray is just as good at cliff hangers as Suzanne Collins.

I hope and I also fear that the next book Hourglass will not be the last book of this series. I hope because I’m in love with the characters and I fear because I do not think I can wait a year until I can read the next installment. There is one thing that I want to tell you all about Bianca that makes her unnervingly innocent and probably always will be. Bianca is for lack of a better term a stargazer and as long as she’s looking up she’s at peace and at home. I’m envious of that connection she has to something so open to everyone in this world; it makes you think about the connections you, yourself, have to the simplest of things that make you who you are and calm you down. Read it and don’t ask questions about it until you have read it. Having someone spoil the surprises for you, makes reading the book useless. Be smart and patient, you won’t regret it.

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  1. Well, I love books where the plot twists are unexpected. So I definitely will now have to pick up the series. Perhaps this summer while sitting on the beach??